In light of it being Valentine’s  Day and reminiscing of past loves, I realize it often comes down to the first K.I.S.S.  For those of who think I am getting a little too sappy, just read a few more sentences before clicking elsewhere.

When playing or even thinking about golf, I often find myself remembering trendy phrases and this time is no exception. K.I.S.S. not the rock band or the awkward moment during your pubescent years, stands for something quite simple, literally – Keep It Simple, Stupid!

When I have been teaching players who are struggling with their game more than normal, or I often ask them, “What are you thinking about right now?” Rarely, if ever, does the student respond with less than a handful of topics or thoughts. At this point I usually ask them to stop thinking about anything, see the shot they want to hit in their mind, and then swing. More often than not, the result is much better than the previous swing.

We live in an age with technology at our fingertips and a desire for more and more information in hopes of obtaining instant gratification. This mindset has no doubt crept into all of your habits, golf included. When I first began teaching, I felt obligated to provide my students with mountains of information, to ensure they felt justified in spending money I was charging for a lesson. I quickly found out, that often less is more when it comes to teaching, and even playing. ‘

If you are currently struggling with your game, as opposed to picking up the newest magazine or DVD instructional video from the trendiest new teacher, I implore you to put your money towards a round of golf late in the afternoon when you can play by yourself and play 9 holes. focus on nothing more than making a turn away from the ball and swinging through to a solid finish.  K.I.S.S., make up (your mindset)  and let your game come back to you!