Often times, when beginners start taking their skills from the range to the actual golf course, they become anxious about playing with better players. When asked why they are nervous, the most common response is a fear of not being able to play at a fast enough pace.  The simple response to that concern is simple,  – “Just keep up!”

Many good players are not only fun to play with because of the skill they exhibit plotting around the golf course, but also the speed at which they are able to play. This is a lesson that all golfers need to learn early in their playing careers. It is totally acceptable to shoot high scores, just as long as you do so in a timely manner.

Having to operate a tee sheet, it is easy for professionals to see why we ought to encourage fast play from a revenue standpoint, but there are many other reasons that directly benefit the players as well.

1. Tension Kills the Golf Swing

Ever heard of the phrase – “paralysis by analysis”? This applies to many areas of our day to day lives, but specifically towards golf. Within reason and reason being well less than 60 seconds, the longer a player stands still over the ball, the more tension there is throughout the body. This unneeded tension tightens your muscles and in return, limits your mobility as well as your rhythm and timing.

2. Overall Enjoyment

Let’s face it, it is fun it play at a quick pace! Good players will hit a quality shot and use it as momentum for the next shot. However, if it takes them 20 minutes to hit their next shot, much of the momentum will have been lost.  The Scottish golf professional George Duncan once said,” If you’re going to miss ’em, miss ’em quick.” This advice is not encouraging players to rush, but rather be efficient in their golfing executions in hopes of playing better golf.

3. Only 24 Hours in a Day

Nothing is worse than wasting half of a day playing golf when it really ought to take no more than four hours. Even if you are playing well, it is tough to find a rhythm to your swing and the round if you are only hitting one shot ever 10-15 minutes. Your muscles begin to tighten and your mind starts thinking of better ways to be spending your time. Your pace will no doubt be affected by the groups ahead, but playing quickly will help you find a rhythm and more importantly – your game.

These are just three of the many practical reasons why playing golf in a quick and efficient manner is beneficial for golfers of all skill levels and abilities. Remember golf is a game and not life or death, so enjoy it!