Closely linked to my previous blog on goal setting, this blog is dedicated to aiming. However, this blog is not further discussion on aiming in the sense of establishing future plans/goals, but more directly to establishing an approach into the golf shot and the process of aligning properly at your target.  Understanding what it means to be properly aligned and how to develop a consistent routine for properly aiming at a target is paramount to achieving any level of success as a golfer.

The goal of playing golf, at its fundamental purpose, is to complete 18 holes in the least amount of shots possible. The distance you hit it, the appearance of your swing, even the quality of the clubs you play, all mean nothing if they do not assist you in shooting your lowest scores possible. One of the most reoccurring and devastating flaws I see among students at all levels, is a lack of attention to their alignment. A player may have the most technically solid and fundamental swing, but if they are not properly aligned, the resulting shot will be suspect at best.

If you don’t believe how crucial alignment truly is, go to a PGA Tour or Nationwide Tour event and watch the players warm up. What will you see? You will see a myriad of different grips, swings, and techniques to sure. I am also sure that you will many players working on their alignment. These are the best players in the world, hitting hundreds if not thousands of balls a day, and they are working on an aspect of the game that is often overlooked by the masses. If it is important enough for Tiger and Phil to be working on, it is important enough for you too!

So how can we work on our alignment and make sure that we are practicing correct alignment? Here are a few simple suggestions that will assist you in aligning correctly.

1.   Lay a club 12 inches behind your ball online with your target and set a club parallel to that line that you can place your feet against. Imagine parallel train tracks – your club face and swing path on one rail and your body on the other. (Remember, Ryan Moore is the exception, not the standard)

2.   Place a coin, tee or other small object 6 inches in front of your ball directly online with your target. This gives you a reference point to aim the club face as you approach your stance and setup. (Can combine with suggestion 1 as well)

3.   Have a trusted friend stand directly behind you and tell you where you are aligning. Being in the age of technology and camera phones, you can also have them record your setup/swing so you can instantly see how you are aligning.

From my experience, I believe many of you will quickly realize that your alignment is subpar, and that is an area that could use some much needed attention! Improve your alignment, maximize your results!