This week, as most of you are well aware, is the week of the Masters Golf Tournament – one of the four men’s major championships and arguably the most precious title in all of golf. It also happens to be my personal favorite golf tournament, hand-down.

The opportunity to play Augusta National is afforded to a select few and rarely discussed at that. In an age of technology, much of the interworking of Augusta National is not publicized and I am sure that is just how the members want it. Yet for one

For many golf fanatics the television coverage is as close to Augusta, Georgia as they will ever come. This does not however, keep them from remaining transfixed to the television screen year after year eagerly awaiting the last nine holes on Sunday at Augusta National.

Historic Augusta

The course itself was original a nursery (Fruitland), which is quite ironic considering the immaculate shape it is kept in year round. Dr. Alistair Mackenzie was hired as the architect in 1931 and the course was the brainchild of the legendary golfer Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts. The first Masters Tournament was held in 1934 and the inaugural winner was Horton Smith. Past winners of Augusta National are a list of who’s who among golf’s elite.

Many professionals who commonly show little emotion get excited about the event and prepare diligently for the first quarter of the year in hopes of bringing their best golf abilities to Augusta. Tiger Woods routinely stated his efforts at the beginning of the year are directed specifically towards The Masters Tournament and Rory McIlroy recently said that all his focus and efforts are directly related to being prepared for this year’s Masters.

Augusta 2011

The 2011 Masters is undoubtedly going to be an exciting event and may very well be the defining moment of a player’s career. Some year’s, the event has been won by players with tremendous length (Mickelson last year, Tiger, etc) yet other years, tacticians have won – see Zach Johnson and Jose Maria-Olazabal.

I believe the winner this year will have a combination of power and a soft touch on the greens. If Hunter Mahan can avoid chip shots, and keep his ball-striking at a premium, he has a great chance of winning, as does Anthony Kim whose game has recently turned for the better. The 2011 Masters Tournament is up for grabs, and although I will not be in attendance at Augusta, I will be glued to my television in anticipation of witnessing history like so many of you.

You know my two picks, but who do you believe will be the victor come Sunday afternoon at Augusta?