In both golf and life, I sometimes find myself lacking a purpose (and focus) on what I exactly wish to accomplish. Growing up we are taught to go to school, work hard to get a good job and then life will be set. Playing golf as a junior, the youth are taught similarly to work hard at your game, earn a college scholarship and then hopefully make a living playing professional golf.

This mentality applies a one-size-fits-all to both education and athletics.  But what if you aren’t interested in simply having a good job or what if you don’t desire (or lack the capability) the strenuous always-on-the-road lifestyle that many professional golfers struggle with? What are people now supposed to do with what they were taught was the ideal approach to life?

Find success in whatever avenue a person pursues in life, often comes down to maintaining motivation. A good friend of mine who had a very successful college career played professionally upon graduation with marginal success. After one year of playing he decided to travel the world and let go of golf. He was gone for nearly a full year, returning home with stories about adventure upon adventure. Throughout our discussion he explained how he lost focus of his goals for playing professional golf, and lacked the driving motivation he needed to pursue a path of success on the golf course. I have no doubt he could make a great living playing golf, but his lack of motivation has caused him to pursue other interests.

In order to succeed long-term in anything, be it academics, athletics, or a career, it is imperative that a person obtain and maintain a high level of motivation. This motivation can be derived from many different sources, but they all must foster the motivation of the individual.

If you are lacking success or even direction in different areas of your life, I strong suggest stepping back and looking at the cause of your actions. If a person can find a reason to be passionate about whatever they are pursing, it will provide a reinforcement of their efforts and make the challenging days easier to bear, and the fruitful day that much more sweet.

Pursue Passions – Maintain Motivation – Secure Success!