This blog is not dedicated to the infamous flop…shot. Although it is playoff season right now in the NBA and one might think this blog is dedicated to the likes of Vlade Divac, Manu Ginobili, or Robert Horry (and could be rightfully so), this blog is hopefully going to help you hit the (rarely) required, but very enjoyable flop shot.

The flop shot scares many players as it requires a large swing to move the ball a relatively small distance. However, if you can remember to keep these 3 simple pieces of advice in your mind before you hit your flop shot, you will have a much better chance of hitting a quality golf shot that lands closed to the pin, and manages to stay outside the parking lot.

  1. Don’t Scoop!

Nearly everyone today carries a 58* or 60* wedge, or at worst case scenario a 56* wedge. These wedges already have a tremendous amount of loft on them already and by opening up the face to the target you are adding even more loft. Because of the extreme loft, you need to make sure you strike the ball with a downward blow and do not try to scoop the ball or lift it up into the air.

  1. Less is More!

Be sure you don’t use a wedge with a lot of bounce for a flop shot, as you need the sole of the club to slide through the ground. If your wedge has a lot of bounce and the sole has not been grounded down at all, the bounce will often make the club literally “bounce” off the ground making the flop shot extreme challenging and requires perfect timing.

  1. Open Up

When taking your stance, be sure to have the ball slightly forward of center in your stance and open up your stance so your feet are roughly 30* open to your target line. Be sure to swing along the line of your feet as well. By opening your stance and swinging along the line of your feet, you are able to “cut-across” the golf ball, adding spin and allowing you to hold the face open longer.

Remember, the flop shot is a great asset to a golfer’s arsenal of shots, but one must practice and be sure to have the right approach for the given shot at hand. Unlike Manu, don’t fake it and be sure to warn your playing partners if you attempt it without much practice!

Different techniques or suggestions for hitting the flop-shot? Let me know!