I am fortunate to currently be in San Diego, staying with some good friends as I am working on a business venture. When we got up this morning and checked the surf (for those of you still with snow in your yard, this means we looked at the weather and wave patterns in La Jolla,) my friends decided that the morning must be spent at the beach.

As I watched in awe as my good friend rode wave, after barreling wave, I could not help but notice the ease at which he was able to ride, especially compared to everyone else in the water. In an arena where most people fight over the good waves, surfers were making way for my buddy to hit his lines cleanly. It was truly an awesome experience to witness.

On our way back home after the morning beach session concluded, we started talking about his ability to simply react on the water, while others seemed to constantly be fighting the waves or were really “trying” to do well. What came “natural” to my friend, was a far off dream to many others in the water. Did I forget to mention that he has been surfing for 20+ years and grew up 10 minutes from the beach?  Fact noted.

The more we talked, the more I realized that what made him an excellent surfer, is similar to what makes a person an excellent golfer – the ability to simply react and not think.

For golfers, as soon as we start thinking about shots, doubts often creep into our thinking, and those doubts turn into some level of fear or anxiety. However, if you simply react to a situation that is presented, there is little time for doubt to manifest itself in the form of fear.

People practice anything, be it music, athletics, public speaking, writing in an effort to be able to perform at an extremely high level. I believe the level that someone is able to perform is directly related to their ability to let their bodies react and move freely based on what it has already practiced for hours and hours on end.

If you are not reaching a level of achievement that you believe you are capable of, stop thinking about what you need to do to become better and just do it!

Any thoughts, beliefs, or opinions as to how best maximize one’s efforts and get the most out their ability? Please share your thoughts with me below.