Although putting is often viewed as the least glamorous aspect of the game of golf, it is where the majority of shot are taken by the vast majority of players. Understanding the important role putting plays in lowering scores requires adequate dedication to what makes someone a good putter. Here are three tenants that all good putters follow, and if you aren’t in their league yet, here is a great place to start.

  1. Know your Stroke

Do you prefer to putt straight-back straight-through, inside-square-inside, inside-square-square, or Billy Mayfair (the last not being a suggestion for anyone other than the man himself). Understanding your desired putting method will go a long way to help you find success on the green.

  1. Know your Putter

Are you putting with a heel shafted putter, face-balanced mallet, or something in between. Depending on the method of stroke you wish to use, certain putters are weighted to be used in certain fashions, so understanding your method as well as the technology found in putters is imperative to being consistent with the flat-stick.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

Many players love to go practice at the range, but they spend the majority of their time slashing at drivers and trying to hit the range picker, than spending quality time on their short game and putting. If you want to be good at putting, just like anything else, it requires focus, attention to detail, and a substantial amount of practice. Practicing putting is one of the fastest ways to lower your scores, especially if you are just starting out with the game.

Find a method, find a putter, find the practice green and you will see results that will impress even the longest hitters in your group!