With all the hoopla around every aspect of Tiger Woods’ life, I can’t help but wonder when his substandard-Tiger (see 2000 domination) performances will overshadow the rest of his life and people will focus on the next generation of rising golfers? For the past decade the PGA Tour and golf in general has lived on the shoulders of one man, befitting a man named Tiger, but his stock, like the majority of the economy, is still overvalued.

Tiger’s revenue generation and golf accomplishments have been amazing over the past 15 years, yet the golden boy of golf has lost much of his swagger both on and off the golf course. The love affair that the PGA Tour and the entire golf world has had with Tiger is slowly dissipating. Yet, without the presence of a fresh, dominating force on Tour, the golfing community is left living in the past. Like the ex-girlfriend or boyfriend who kept providing glimpses of hope, only to be continually let the other down again, so too is the tale of this Tiger.

Regardless of his personal choices and decisions outside of golf, his talent and ability on the golf course is truly impressive. For the sake of his own life and those who are closely related, I hope he is able to figure things out quickly, both on and off the golf course.

As far as his game goes, I can’t help but wonder what type of advice his father would give him at this stage? I believe Earl would have stated something similar to that of Bubba Watson. Tiger knows his swing, and needs to get back to playing the game of golf and be creative with his shot selection. Although Watson took a tremendous amount of slack regarding his comments to Tiger, I believe he stated what many believed, but were afraid to say.

Tiger is looking for an external fix for his game and his life, when in reality the answers, actions and decisions that must be made need to come from within. Let this be a reminder and lesson to us all – the search for solutions will always continue, until we realize that the answers lie within.